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Private Schools in Abu Dhabi with vacancies for the academic year 2015/2016

Al-Worood Academy Private School was established in 1982 in order to provide an educational service of an International Standard to the local and expatriate communities. In line with this, we have always striven for the all-round and optimum development of our student’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical and aesthetic abilities.

We aim at drawing the most out of each student’s self: the natural and progressive development of student’s abilities. This fundamental objective of realizing our student’s utmost potential both intellectually and socially is central to the school’s philosophy.

Al-Worood places the advancement and well being of our students at the center of its mission.  We believe that by combining a disciplined and systematic approach to education with a strong program for personal growth, the student will be able to fully achieve his or her innate potential. We believe all students should have an equal opportunity to succeed and that students of disparate abilities should be given the same chance and attention where possible.

Although the curriculum is essentially topic based because of the strictures of university and college entrance requirements, we feel it is important to balance this with the student’s needs, in terms of both choice and learning requirements.  This is essential if the student is to receive a complete education.

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Lovely moments of Kids Graduation Event

Video CDs of KG Graduation Ceremony 2013-2014 held on June 04, 2014 are available now. Please contact Business Office for further details.

International Exhibition of National Security and Risk Prevention ISNR, Abu Dhabi 2014

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